About us

YourSmartIdeas was born from the mind of the three founders in 2006. The name expresses the will of our team to stay close to each of our customers to develop their projects together, helping them to improve them thanks to our decades of know-how and help transform their ideas in reality.

In these years we have developed a strong experience in the sector and, above all thanks to over 150 customers, we have been able to diversify our skills ranging from pure IT, to the development of .NET applications, to solutions for customizing the existing CAD – CAM systems, to the creation of ad hoc post-processors, to the realization of communication systems with industrial machinery.

New challenges are our favorite battlefield. Almost nothing scares us. Put your ideas in there, we’ll make them for you.

Smart Factory 4.0

  • Smart Factory 4.0 is a mobile app for Android.
  • It’s a service container for SMEs.
  • It is a flexible and scalable platform .
  • It is a system based on an Android app, a MySQL database that runs on an ARUBA server. Security and data access speeds are therefore intrinsically guaranteed upstream from robust and fast platforms.
  • It is a reusable platform.
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TRF Importer

Does your company produce stairs? Have you been using the Diestein software for a long time and would you like to continue using it even on your new CAD-CAM that I don’t support the TRF format?
TRF Importer is the answer you were looking for. You can import complete stairs, single steps, rectangular or shaped in DXF format.

Just choose the .TRF or TR * file you want to import and you’re done. TRF Importer will recognize each step, rectangular or shaped, the thickness, quantity and specific dimensions.

Machine Supervisor

One tool, many solutions.

The Machine Supervisor software allows you to manage the tool magazine of your CNC machine through a simple and intuitive interface.

Falegnameria Giacomini : Ripples Bench


The Ripples Bench :

Ripples bench is designed by Toyo Ito for Horm with seat made from plywood using five different types of wood (walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak and ash) and inner metal reinforcement. 

Plywood legs with edging and walnut veneer (on the outside) and birch veneer (on the inside). Lower panel made from birch plywood, hot-press curved and with beech veneer. Adjustable feet.

Ripples, winner of the 2004 Compasso d’Oro, is made of a laminated composite of five different solid woods. Slide your hand along the surface to enjoy the seamless transitions between walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak, and ash. This enveloping seat, carved with mastery, is hand-finished to produce an elegant polychromatic effect arising from the ductility of the wood. A true icon of international design, Ripples is a bench suitable for home users, commercial environments, and public spaces.

The project :

Alessandro Giacomini, titolare della Falegnameria Giacomini di Pravisdomini (PN), ci ha contattato per spiegarci il progetto – non una semplice panca ma un’opera d’arte composta da 5 strati di legno sovrapposti.

Il nostro compito? realizzare il post-processore per la sua CMS PF102 R8 ed il programma completo di sgrossatura e finitura. Le difficoltà? Non poche :

 – Pochissimo tempo a disposizione , 48 ore.

 – Memoria  disponibile del CN , meno di 1MB.

Dimensioni pezzo da realizzare : 1000 x 450 x 30